Welcome to LIVE LOVE COLLECTIVE — an international network of progressive industry leaders, visionaries and innovators joined together to become a powerful force for Good in this world. In our mission to Have Fun, Do Good and Live Love, we connect those with means with those with might to start building a healthier world, progress humankind and help heal our Planet.

The driving force behind the Live Love Collective is a simple vision — that individuals deserve to live a life they enjoy, to have good health and well-being, to follow passions and dreams, while spreading goodwill and cheer amongst oneself and others. And as citizens of the world, it is our duty to help those who needlessly suffer and to take care of the only home we have, our Planet Earth, for the sake of our children and future generations to come.

We believe that as a business, work and higher purpose must become one and can best succeed by bringing on the best talent, by caring for employees, customers and the surrounding community, embracing collaboration and recognizing its social responsibility.

That’s why we formed our full-service global lifestyle agency comprised of award-winning, visionary and fresh talent across all industries. We are passionate and driven to help those who want to make this world a better and more joyful place by contributing our resources, services and contacts. Our Collective is excited to be a voice for the new millennium who stand up united for Love, as we have our finger on the pulse of a trend-setting generation. Find out more information about our services.

At the heart of what we do, is our non-profit LIVE LOVE FOUNDATION, where we connect our network to top visionaries and innovators with ideas that can positively change the world through business, charity or community service. By connecting these potential projects to all the resources, services and funding of our network, we work together to make these dreams into reality. We are a modern day Dream-catcher and Dream-Launcher!

To change this world for the better, Living Love must exist in every aspect of human interaction. We must help Humanity thrive by treating other human beings, all walks of life, and our Planet Earth with compassion, respect and care. But most importantly, change can truly begin when you dare to look at yourself and go within to find ways of how you can evolve into a higher state of being, thinking and living. By tending to yourself with self-nurturing love, you can bring well-being and balance to your physical, mental and spiritual states of health. You will stand witness as a scientific ripple effect of love extends into your personal relationships, enriching your life to the fullest, that can also positively affect your business as well. By loving yourself, you can heal the world!

Please check out our LIVE LOVE MANIFESTO for further guidance of how you can Live Love in your life!

At the end of our lives we will look back and see that we stood up for LOVE to help humanity thrive. We ARE writing history at the moment and will leave a legacy of LOVE for the world to follow in our footsteps!


XOXO, Phillia