Welcome to Live Love Foundation — a global non-profit organization that is dedicated to being at the heart of the Live Love Collective movement of spreading the message of Have Fun, Do Good, Live Love through the ways we live our lives and in the ways we do our business. We believe that to be part of the solution, it’s not just about throwing money at charity anymore, but to help empower people to become leaders of their communities and to write their good fortunes, create meaningful job opportunities for others and further positively impact the world.

That is why we’ve created Live Love Connect, our cutting-edge service that helps connects visionaries with great ideas to all the resources they need from the network of Live Love Collective to ensure its success. We are driven by a simple vision — a business can best succeed by bringing on the best talent, caring for employees, customers and the surrounding community, embracing collaboration and recognizing its social responsibility.

Please take a look at our amazing array of current projects that need your help now!

Ways to Help

TIME (i want to volunteer)
MONEY (i want to invest or donate)
RESOURCES (i have office space you can use)
CONNECTIONS (i know someone who can help you)
MENTORSHIP (let me help guide you with my experiences)
PARTNERSHIP (let’s work together on a live love project)
BRAND AMBASSADOR (i am a brand that supports live love collective)
LIVE LOVE AMBASSADOR (I am an individual who wants to represent live love collective)
IDEAS (i am inspired by live love and have come up with my own idea to help)
POSITIVE FEEDBACK (i love your idea, it’s great!)

For more information please contact us.