Live Love Connect is a web-based platform with networking opportunities for those with a voice for change. Here anyone with a great idea that supports the lifestyle branches of Live Love Collective can submit proposals that range from social-entrepreneurial to charitable and community projects. These start-ups are carefully selected for their mission and vision, their potential to thrive and their ability to create positive impact.

The best ideas are presented on our web platform (coming soon), where we connect them to the public and to potential corporate sponsors, personal investors and donors that give in the form of money, time, mentorship, connections, ideas or simply positive feedback.

The projects are then presented to the members of the Collective through fun, yet powerful hi-profile networking events called The Purple Parties, where top visionaries mix and mingle with the most influential. These events build the bonds of love and gratitude for a lifetime and helps transform these dreams into realities. The rewards of personal fulfillment, achievement and to all those who benefit, creates a win-win-win situation for everyone involved.

Through the additional agency services of the Live Love Collective, we strive to nurture these seedlings of ideas into successes from start to finish, accommodating each situation to their needs.

We are currently working on the web-based platform, but if you have an idea that supports any of the lifestyle branches of the Live Love Collective, please contact us at


Branches of the Live Love Collective

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