A social gaming website that goes a step beyond entertainment. Do GooD!

San Francisco, CA – Grantoo will launch its innovative social gaming website later this February. The site will offer students a free, fun, prize-filled gaming experience. Grantoo helps students play their tuition bills.

Students can enter free tournaments to win tuition grants and help the world by steering donations to the causes they care about. Depending on the amount sponsors donate to the tournament, there can be multiple winners, thus increasing the probability of winning a tuition grant! Players are also rewarded for their skills with fun prizes throughout all games they play. Additionally, Grantoo is strongly invested in a culture of giving back. When a student enters a tournament, they pledge a minimum of 10% of their potential winnings to a charity of their choice. 100% of the money donated to Grantoo tournaments goes to the students and the charities. At Grantoo, students are constantly winning prizes and helping others. The best part? Students don’t pay a dime.

Right now Grantoo is preparing three awesome, innovative games: Quiz Night, a challenging trivia game with a surprising twist; Wordy Birdy, a blend of Scrabble and Uno; and Grantoo Poker, similar to Texas Hold ’Em. Once a student becomes a member of Grantoo, they are able to play all three games.

Grantoo’s model has a three-tiered approach:

1) Students play games. Players receive fun prizes while playing, and have the opportunity to win scholarship grants and give back to the community.

2) Charities get donations. Grantoo believes that involving students in charitable giving will encourage lifelong generosity and social awareness. Students become more aware of the charities around them and are able to donate money that they might not be able to give on their own.

3) Sponsoring businesses get noticed. With the specialized scholarship/donation system, Grantoo will dramatically increase the visibility of corporate donations. Businesses receive a substantial and favorable presence on the Grantoo website. Their generosity will be visible to not only to the students, but everyone on the web who can view the student’s donation and accomplishments. This will result in an increase in the amount the corporation is willing to give to the students and charities.

As you can see, at Grantoo, everybody wins!

Grantoo is looking for corporate brands, businesses and philanthropists to sponsor these games.
If you’d like to help, please contact Co-Founder Mikhael Naayem at:

Mikhael Naayem