You have no idea how many creative minds are working without health care insurance. Fortunately there’s Sickday, an organization dedicated to providing New York’s uninsured creative community with access to affordable, acute/urgent medical care – delivered at your home or office. We call it the Sickday Safety Net. It’s real, it’s simple, it’s safe and it’s free to join. Find out more here and join today.

We are looking for investors for our SickDay Medical House Calls, our for-profit business that allows us to run the heart of our operation, our non-profit SickDay Safety Net program. When people with insurance use our Medical House Calls service, delivering prompt medical attention directly at your home, office or hotel room, this allows our uninsured creative community of NYC to afford acute / urgent medical care.

If you are interested in more information on how you can help, please contact the founder / Chief Medical Officer, Naomi Friedman at:
212sickday (212-742-5329)

Because no one in New York should be working without a net.